Cake Balls

Have you ever walked into either a bakery or possibly even Starbucks and saw those wonderful little cake ball pops? Well, I know I have and man, are they delicious. So, this week I decided to show everyone how exactly they are made, so you are able to make these wonderful little treats at home.

For this specific recipe, you only need FIVE ingredients, woo!

  • Boxed Cake Mix
  • Can of Icing
  • Baking/Melting Chocolate
  • Vegetable Oil (For the Cake Mix)
  • Eggs (For the Cake Mix)

* You can decide to use whatever flavor of cake (vanilla, chocolate, etc.) you would like. Also, feel free to homemake your own cake/icing!
*Also, it is not required to own a KitchenAid-you can mix the cake mix other various ways!

Steps to Making Cake Balls

1) Put all the ingredients (Cake Mix, Eggs, Vegetable Oil, Water) into the mixer/bowl to blend the cake mix.

Ingredients in KitchenAid

2) Blend cake mix & ingredients until smooth. (A few lumps are okay, but make sure you don’t have chunks)

Mixed up Cake Mix

3) Get out a 13×9 Glass Baking Dish and spray it with non-stick baking/cooking spray. (I prefer Pam brand)

13x9 Glass Baking Pan

4) Pour your cake mix into the glass baking pan. Bake for 35-38 Minutes at 350˚F.

Mix In Glass Baking Sheet

5) Be careful taking cake out of oven, IT WILL BE HOT. Check to make sure cake is done by sticking a toothpick into the center & seeing if it comes out “clean” or with cake mix still on it.

Finished Cake

6) After letting the cake cool for a few minutes, break up the cake into a large bowl and add the can of icing to it.

Crushed Up Cake & Icing

7) By using your hands, mix together the cake & the icing in the bowl.

Mixed Cake & Icing

8) After mixing the cake & icing, put the bowl into the refrigerator and let chill for about 45 minutes .

9) When the cake is about to be done in the refrigerator, take your baking/melting chocolate and melt it in the microwave for the designated time (Every type of chocolate is different)

Melted Chocolate

10) After melting the chocolate, get out a cookie sheet and line with preferably wax paper, but saran wrap or tin foil will also work.

11) Take the chilled cake mix/icing blend and roll into little balls using your hands.

Rolled Cake Ball

12) Scoop up some melted chocolate on a large spoon & place cake ball on spoon. (This allows the bottom of the ball to also be covered in chocolate)

Cake Ball on Spoon

13) Place on Cookie Sheet and drizzle with more melted chocolate, until the whole ball is covered. (If you want to make cake ball pops, now is the time to stick your sucker stick into the ball)

Covering Cake Ball with Chocolate

14) Place in refrigerator for about an hour. (Time varies depending on what brand/type of chocolate you use)

15) Take out of the refrigerator, use serrated knife to clean up “messy” edges & ENJOY! 🙂

Finished Cake Balls


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