No-Bake Cookies & Cream Bars

I love those recipes that you fiddle with for a little and then they do their thing for about an hour. All my friends enjoy this simple and cheap treat as a snack or even dessert when I host “family” dinner. This simple recipe has been seen to put a smile on everybody’s faces! 🙂

For this recipe, you only need THREE ingredients!

1) A Bag of Marshmallows

2) A Pack of Oreos

3) 4 Tablespoons of Butter


1) Break up your Oreos. You can use a food processor, blender, or even the old fashioned baggie & rolling pin.

2) Put the Oreos in a bowl and set aside.

3) Melt the butter and the marshmallows in a large bowl in a microwave until puffed. (About two minutes)

4) Pour your cookie grounds on top of the marshmallows.

5) STIR!

6) Pour your mixture into an 8×8 pan. (Use something to line the pan: PAM, Foil, or Wax Paper)

7) Set in the fridge and let sit for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

8) ENJOY 🙂


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